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Anyone chase turkeys during the spring season? Do you hunt them on the west side or strictly on the east side? Looking at hunting turkey as a first time this opening spring season on the west side.
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I've not tried to hunt here on the wet side. If you have a particular area to go (public area) my advise to you is get allot of pre-scouting time in. Once you think you found a good spot...camp out a week in advance and wear allot of hunter orange...I mean Head to Toe hunter orange. Public areas on this side of the mountains get allot of pressure!
West side is tough. Not as many birds and a lot more hunters. I would look to NE Washington for birds. Or f you do not want to travel that far check out Kittitas, Chelan, Klickitat Counties. Not nearly as many birds but I see quite a few hunting and hiking in those areas. As mentioned by Mr. E. plan on spending at least a few days scouting.
I would look to NE WA if you want birds. If not willing to travel that far checkout Kittitas, Chelan, Klickitat Counties for birds. I see quite a few hunting and hiking in those areas.
As mentioned spend at least a few days scouting before season starts. Can call WDFW in those areas for general info on bird pops and areas they frequent.

Good luck . Turkey hunting is addictive
You don't have to go very far over the crest of the Cascades to find 'em, and each year they seem to expand their populations. Turkey hunting is a hoot...you do need to scout them, and if at all possible roost one the night before
so you can move in close the next morning.
Last year was my second year hunting the 'big bird'...and all I have to say is that I have turkey fever worse then last year this time! I find myself thinking about where those buggers might be, constantly scanning over google earth thinking..."maybe they like it here or ooo over here..I'll have to hit this place."

I intend on heading over at least a week prior to and scouting a few areas...I have a Merriam that has a freaking paint brush dangling from his chest that got the best of me last year! Which begs questioning...I've heard that the Rio's have more of a tan terminal band while the Merriam have almost white, however, where I have seen this bird is nowhere in the area that the WDFW say there are Merriam. This turkey made my first two look as if they had brown terminal bands...very bright!
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This season I am going to start in the obvious places on the wet side. Get one season under my belt with scouting, calling, and some field experience. Then Ill tackle the east side. Turkey hunting this side is just as bad as pheasant at the release sites! But I am going to give it the ol college try! If I get one even better! I am hoping to walk out of a gun shop tomorrow with a Benelli Nova 12 gauge pump camo, and that will be the start of the quest!
Starting out Turkey hunting on the westside is like trying to learn to fly fish on a spring creek. I would seriously suggest going east if you have never hunted turkeys before. They are much more vocal and numerous on the dry side of the state. I have spent a ton of time scouting and looking for Easterns but they are very difficult and with the halt in planting it is not even close to what it was 5+ years ago.
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