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I've been tying as a hobby, and commercially as well for over 20 years. I think that for 90% of the tiers out there, you really only save money if you tie saltwater and bass patterns, and not clousers either, but those $5 and up babies. Eventually, you may become one of those rare individuals who understands that you can approximate a pattern with the materials you have on hand, and that colors doesn't really matter so much. If that happens you can save money on trout patterns too. If you don't get over the "Oh no, the pattern calls for ginger Z-lon, and I only have rust! I have to go buy some!" it is strictly a hobby, not a money saving tool. A wonderful hobby that can keep you inspired until your eyes and your hands can no longer do their little tricks. Tie... You'll love it.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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