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Uhmmm...i Got The Most Vicious Takedown While Src ......

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fishing yesterday. I mean I did not even see it coming. The day was slow. Water was really merky. I was ready to bail. I was getting lazy and just zoning out. Having a good time though in the kayak. Had not had even a strike. Nothing. So I drifted my kayak along the slow current in really shallow water. I've done this before , especially if the water is dirty, dead drifting and casting.

I was pulling the fly up for another cast and this loud crash right near the boat on my fly. I see this huge wake and in a split second my line was gone. All in 2 feet of water or less...

I was probably only about 10 - 15 feet tops from the beach and before you knew it I was out 80 to ninety feet out, because he just towed me around. No jumping. ...I had no clue what I had. He just wanted to go down , could not even see it. Water got dirtier and darker . Could not see a thing. At this point I was thinking well Ill try and bring him up and at least get a look to see if it was a lat coho or whatever ... I was really worried about breaking him off at this point or coming un pinned such as luck sometimes has it has it ;).

So finally I got a swing by the boat and just before he went under my kayak I got a look and realized it look like an SRC for sure. So I let some line back out slowly crossing my fingers and rowed into shore where I could more carefully handle the fish and release it.

The power of this fish was just amazing for its size. It reminded me of some big dollies I've caught.

Oddly enough I caught it on a fly intended for dollies. 4" fly . Caught some big ones before, some hybrids some pure SRC, but this guy took the cake for take down and power.

This fish was also flawless. Pure SRC. Throat slashes and all. It was refreshing to say the least.

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That may be the best looking src I've ever seen. Awesome work, awesome fish, awesome write up.
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Crikey mate, that's a butthroat of a cutthroat! Thanks for sharing. :)
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Beautiful searun.
Well done.
Things got shoulders like a lake run brown! Dang!
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That is a real trophy coastal cutthroat, so thick! The big ones bull dog on the bottom and take forever to land. Thanks for sharing the photo.
Bulldoggin src, that thing is a brute.

I hate you, don't ever post a report like this....

Totally kidding! What a great fish. I keep trying, and trying, and trying.

Nice that you got a picture of that wonderful fish.

Reports, like yours, keep me out on the beach.

Thanks for sharing.....
That's awesome. Every paragraph I began reading I assumed that it would end in loosing the fish. Congrats on landing it.
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Not only is that a SRC of a lifetime, but I commend you on your handling of this trophy.
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Wicked SRC!

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It looks to be over 20 inches...
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