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Having grown up in that area, I spent a great deal of time fishing the Uinta Basin. I took many Boy Scout hike's thru and around the Unita's, Dead Horse Lake Basin, Red Castle Lake Basin,
all great overnight hikes with stream and lake action.
The upper Provo drains out of Mirror Lake Basin, there is about a half dozen day hike lakes in that area and Mirror Lake is not a bad fishery although it is planted, (some albinos in there too).
I have fished the area more recently though. If you are going to be on the Dushene you will do good, attractor patterns, ie: Royal Wulff Royal Coachman, Elk Hair caddis, in 10-12.
Any of the nymph patterns, Hairs ear, etc.... same sizes...
You should hit the Green River below Flaming Gorge, good bank access and float possibilities, it is worth the effort. Also there is a creek that drains into Flaming Gorge called Sheep Creek, it is North and East of the dam 20 miles or so on the Utah side, ask at the lodge there if you go. It is small but big 'bows if you catch it right.
Good Luck and Rip some Lips.
Release 'em and Rip 'em again........ :COOK
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