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Umpqua and Clackamas trip

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Went to the Umpqua to fish the fly only waters, but didn't read the regs until I got there:beathead: Upon arriving and then reading I discovered that none of my flies were legal, all had some sort of wieght to them. I could have fished the rest of the river, but decided to cruise around and enjoy the scenery instead. This is a very pretty location with alot of scenic terrain. Next time I'll make sure to bring my "purist" fly box for that portion of the river though.

Headed to the McKenzie, and found that alot of the access areas are "pay-to-park", accept at the Leaburg dam and above. Fished there, but got thoughly skunked and managed to fall into the river. Still had fun though.

Got up to the Clackamas for monday. Spent most of the time cruising the river and finding as many access points as I could. Again alot of this river is a "pay-to-park". Found a couple of spots that didn't cost anything to park. Had one good solid take, but was more focused on this really attractive female out on the river, so I missed the fish.:p

Question: I if I got one of those day passes, is it good for all the county parks along the river, or just the one I'm currently at?
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In Oregon (well at least southern Oregon) a 'day ticket' is good anywhere (State, County, or city parks).
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