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Umpqua Ergonomic Bobbin

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I am looking for an Umpqua Ergonomic Bobbin with the white ceramic stem, see pictured below.

Don't you know, you find something you like and they stop making it.

Please PM me if you have one you are willing to sell.


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That was very kind of you to do the Google search. However, if you add any of those items to the purchase basket, you will find them all out of stock. I tried before placing the WTB posting. If you do find someone who does have them in stock, please let me know. Thanx, Mike
Just ordered 4 from "anglers addiction", no word that they're out of stock yet.
I got a note from them saying they were looking for a distributor and they offered me a suitable substitute. Please let me know if things change.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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