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Ungulate Paradun

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Life in a world without chickens (as a nod to Margaret Atwood; Happy Birthday). Pocketwater edition; this one will not lack for floatation.

hook - Dai Riki 300 #10
thread - UTC 140 grey brown
tail - deer hair
body - muskrat
wing - Congo Hair white
hackle - deer hair

mash barb, start thread at 3/4 mark

loop a hank of CH (hooking it on the gallows makes it much easier to control the hackling process); tie in over the front of the hook, trim butts, cover with thread

clean, stack, measure (shank length) a clump of deer hair; tie in, trim, cover with thread

dub thread/dub body to CH

create a thread loop

post wing, wrapping loop; hook wing onto gallows

dub head, finishing at base of wing

clean, stack, measure (hook length) a clump of deer hair; place it in clip and trim butts

wax loop, insert clip; slide off, trapping deer hair butts, release clip and spin, creating hackle

moisten fingers, stroke deer hair fibers back

wrap deer hair around post from the top down, capture tag with thread wraps at base of wing; half hitch x 2 at wing base, SHHAN

trim wing

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