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Courteousy of another website;

A Spey Gathering on the Rogue River
Tou Velle State Park, White City OR
Saturday, Sept. 18th, 2010 9am - 3pm

Free Lunch! Plan to spend the day, demonstrations, try out the equipment and learn more about spey casting and fishing.

Jeff Putnam - FFF certified, professional spey-casting instructor
Lee Davison - FFF certified spey-casting instructor
John Hazlett - guide & FFF certified spey-casting instructor
Craig Nielsen - guide & switch rod specialist
Jack Cook - Scandinavian shooting head specialist
Steve Godshall - fly line welding instruction
Dennis P. Lee - spey fly tying

Anderson Custom Rods - rods, reels & lines
R.B. Meiser - rods, reels & lines
Beulah - rods & lines
CND/Snake River Outfitters - rods & lines
Air Flow - lines
Echo - rods
Hardy - reels
Saracione - reels


Jeff Putnam will offer 5 days of schools on the Rogue. Price includes a 4 mile float, lunch, and instruction. Rods supplied if needed. 4 - 5 students per day.

Sept. 15 (9 - 2pm) - $150
Sept. 16, 17, 19, 20 (9 - 4pm) - $200

Jeff Putnam
Phone: (916)366-7554
email: [email protected]

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Steve Godshall invited Mumbles and me to this. Unfortunately, neither of us can attend. (DAMN IT!!):beathead:bawling::beathead:

The date listed states "September 18, 2010". But, hey, what do I know; it could be wrong and outdated.

Best advice might be to call Jeff Putnam or Steve.
Sure wish I could have made it.

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Many thanks Mark. Locally this is seems to be a 'well kept secrete. Out fishing with J D Jones this AM and he asked me if I'd seen your post (hadn't yet) and asked if I'd heard anything about the up coming event. Total news to me. This is a great local annual event that expands every year. Great casting/play water right there in the Park (all river left). Short wade out to the island across and away you go (also excellent summer run water).

Only thing you have to keep in mind is Fall Kings spawn just beyond the top of the island (they're a NO-NO to fish for/keep), but the darned things will take exactly the same type of flies you'd use for Summies. You could hook a 3# fish .... or a 30# fish!

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