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Upper Columbia with Jack

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Well, finally took the plunge and decided to fish with The Evening Hatch and let me tell you it was well worth the drive and the money!! Drove over on Friday after work getting there about 7:30pm. A strong wod of caution driving inbetween Colville and Northport at dusk.....watch out for deer!!! Hundreds and hundreds of them!!! Anyway, Jack recoginized me from being the shop at various times and also the shows. He greeted me with a big welcome and told me I was welcome to help myself in the cabin. Rose Sat morning excitied, hit the water and got humbled ( as we can get sometimes ) for the first 4 hours. Both of us were scratching our heads and trying a lot of different things. I finally came up with the idea to use "old faithfull"....and big black bugger with krystal flash in it. Guess what? Big fish on!! Took the fly on the swing only to have an LDR.....dissapointing, but at least the stink was off. We proceeded to nymph a seem and pick up cookie cutter rb's where I learned more about nymphing then I would have ever figured out on my own. Fished until dark with a couple more nice rb's to hand in the 18-20" class. Sunday morning got out early and the first ten minutes had a nice fat triploid to hand casting to the bank and retreiving. THis was definately a good start to a good day. It was a little overcast, but we started to pick fish up everywhere there should be fish( on the dropoff) and man did they hammer that fly on the swing!! THe big fish of the weekend came in an obvious slot leading to deeper water and nearly yanked the rod out of my hands t was soooooo vicious. Jack and I almost crapped when we saw the size of this pig.........measuring out at 25" and estimating 5+ pounds!! More fish followed, but not as big.

Due to the dynamics and flow, we used fast sinking tips on 7 wts and fish would always hit on the swing. Jack is a great teacher, very patient and knows his stuff. I would recommend a trip to the Upper Columbia for the shear size and weight of these pigs.

Pics to follow.:thumb:
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Nice report. I always enjoy fishing with Jack and always learn a ton.
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