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I live in Davis CA and have fished the Upper Sac several times. This is your best bet for roadside fishing. Definately stop in Dunsmuir and go to the Ted Fay flyshop. It is a little north of downtown. Joe Kimsey is the man with about 60 years of experience, listen to him. Best fishing will be early and late. Mid day will be tough, many just fish the the evening. The caddis and mayfly hatches can cause a frenzy just before dark so don't stop fishing too soon. There are 30 miles of river to fish, but I would start near Dunsmuir. The river below Redding is considered the Lower Sac and you need a boat and a guide, wading access is tough and probably not worth it at that time. The McCloud is a similar stream to the Upper Sac, but it is quite a ways further and you have to hike. Forget Hat Creek at that time. Fall River require a boat/pram and is very technical.
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