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Venezuela Bonefish, they are there.

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Between the years of 2010 and 2015 I went to Los Roques - Venezuela - 14 times. In those years there was a direct flight from Sao Paulo to Caracas, the dollar ratio was 2 R$/ 1 U$ and we had so much fun.

Then the conditions in Venezuela started to.. well, the news were horrible. Then pandemic...

Early this year a friend of mine asked if it was a good idea to go there. I honestly did not know. He found the flight from Panama with Copa airlines and booked a posada.

Let's go!

The fish are still there, big bones are plenty, plenty, I was tired of rolling in backing after the 100, 150 yards runs they made on the flats.

The fly fishermen are gone, we saw 1 boat the whole week - Europeans.

Now the place is a KYTE SURF mecca.

I don't think Americans are allowed in the country.

Customs agents were a pain in the , asking bunch of stupid questions, even for us, Brazilians with our president being a socialist m* f*****.

The situation in the country is ugly, in the Island is ok, they have supply of basics, beer and food. All we need.

The Posada was excellent! Owned by an Italian, people were friendly, the service is very good.

Tarpon everywhere, bonefish everywhere.

I might want to go back in 2024 :D



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Always wanted to go but that one is still on the "maybe someday" list.
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Los Roques has always been my favorite bonefish destination for so many reasons. Thanks for the report as I've been wondering what the status of bonefishing operations at Los Roques. Maybe someday the situation will change so this becomes a good option again from the States.
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My wife and I went to Los Roques on our honeymoon 26 years ago. What a special place. Maybe someday it will be a place Americans can go again.
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