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I love my Renzetti Traveler as well. The problem with going cheap
now means you will only want a Renzetti a few more years down the road
Then, now matter how good you get, it's hard to use two vises at once.
So the cheapo (and even then they are not cheap) goes in the drawer.
Get the Renzetti now and then be done with it. But if about $125-150 is more than you care to invest, I'll scout around and see if I can find my old Thompson Model A. You can have it. But I think I sold it in my last big garage sale when I thought I was going to die and I wanted to unload my stuff so my wife wouldn't get too badly burned.
I'll e-mail you if I find it. The old Tom tied a lot of flies for me, but she didn't rotate, she didn't hold tiny hooks well and you know she had little snob appeal and this is very important to me.
I believe that if you don't feel a little snobby when you tie your flies, they will stink. :CLOWN
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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