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Be the envy of the access with this classic 1993 Sears Model 7251 18 cubic foot X-Cargo car top carrier. For $100 you could be turning heads on the highway ;).
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It's been stored inside so there's no UV or weather damage. It's in good shape, I just don't have a need for it any more.

As seen in the photos below, this one was made to ride directly on the roof. It secured via webbing and clips to fit in rain gutters. I never used the rain gutter clips and instead, secured the straps to the existing roof rack hardware on our older Explorer. Although it might have looked like a predecessor to the Space Shuttle, it never launched on any of our trips through the Ellensburg wind tunnel.

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If you can't read the numbers in the photos, it's roughly 4'x3'x 1.5'. And this is how it looks on top of our newer Explorer. (Never used it on this one, though.)
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I live in Bellingham and am not interested in shipping. To make it even more of a challenge, my schedule is crazy. I can be available to meet up today through Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon. After that I'm back to work and then out of state for a while. Send a PM if you're interested and we can figure out how to meet.

Mike d
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