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I've recently rediscovered fly fishing after what has been a ten year hiatus (I know... I'm embarassed to admit it). I've been fishing the Spokane river and have been wading wet. I recently received a gift certificate to Gart sports for $100. So I've decided to get myself some waders.

So far my first choice is the Hodgman Wadelite I. But I've read some reviews that were not so favorable. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with these waders. I'd like to stay in the $100 range, but I'm wondering if in the long run I would be better off spending more money for a higher quality product. Thanks in advance for your input.
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After reading many, many posts about waders and their expected life span (about 2, maybe 3 years if you are lucky) I went out and purchased the Hodgman Wadelites. They have worked just fine. The money saved, over what the competition costs, will buy another pair when these finally give up the ghost and I would still have some cash in my pocket for a third pair.

Just as an FYI on waders...if anyone is interested, Outdoor Emprorium has their Hodgman Wadelights on sale right now for $79. The sale doesn't start until labor day, but I bought a pair today and they gave me the sale price.

- DW
I might be old---but I'm good.

Lotta good this will do for the first post. Him being on Spokane. Its too bad that they don't have any more stores that in Seattle.

Jim S.
Take the deal. Waders never last more than 2 seasons for me (I fish upwards of 100 days a year and wade fish). A few years ago I purchased the Simms Guide Waders (the $350 ones) and they fared no better than any others. I just got some Cabelas for $100 and I suspect they will work just fine.

I recently went with some Patagonia waders - 18 years with neoprene.....what ever you get get the gortex type - I'm much less tired and much much more comfortable all day...even in cold water.

Jim W
I've been using the Cabela's waist high's for about a year now. I sent the first pair back after only a couple of months because they were springing leaks left and right. My new pair has been aquasealed a few times, but I can live with it. They've been used hard and only cost me $110. I'll never go back to neoprene.
Great topic, I'm in need of a new pair myself. So DW are the Hodgman Wadelights neoprene or something other?

Wadelights are the best for the money. they lasted me at least 3 years til my cat slept on them causing microholes and a hole in the butt from sitting on the floor of my friends boat. what are the most durable breathable waders? wadeflex by hodgeman?
Ive had a pair of Dan Bailys Ive had for about two years that I have beat the hell out of. They have been to Alaska and back as well as all over the OP. through the brush and everything else. Ive probally fished with them 400 times and not a single problem very tuff.
I have the Hodgeman Wadelite I waders and I haven't had any problems with them in 2 yrs of use. My father-in-law swears by his breathable waders from Cabela's. And, as everyone has been stating- definitely go with the breathable type waders. In the winter time you can wear fleece lined "thermal underwear" or other layers.
So far my first choice is the Hodgman Wadelite I. But I've read some reviews that were not so favorable. I'm curious if anyone has

I use it for the second summer season. These waders have minor leaks where the bootie attached to the pants if you stay in the water for a long time. But I think nothing beats the price. I got mine for $75
I have been fishing about forty five years, and fly fishing about 22 years in fresh and salt water. I have guided sa few years as well. I think that it cost me allot of money to work my way up to fibnally buying the best waders available- Simms Guideweight Waders. I can abuse them for ten or more hours a day for six months at a time, and then fish in them on my time off. The way i use them they last a year or two.The way it sounds like you'll use them they should last for years. With good care and little abuse they should be serviceable for a very long time.Even when I was just fishing occasionally for fun the cheaper waders were trouble.You live and learn.
Just can't resist....:>)

The guideweights are great but cost too much. Who cares if they are Gore-Tex brand "XCR". No one can afford them! Unless you can shmooz George Cook for a pro-deal... I suggest either the lightweights or the Hodgeman Wadelights.
Patagonia makes arguably the best waders, but they're expensive. Sierra Trading Post has some close outs on sale for $225 or so. (not sure if this link will work...) http://www.sierratradingpost.com/se...ype=&mscssid=AX3X0D5XM2NV8N6XQ005RW0UXQ2J41M4
I might be old---but I'm good.

I agree. I went out and bought a pair of light weight waders. Not breathable about 5 years ago. Made by Bare. Leaked in toe when first got them Aquasealed it up and haven't had a problem since. They don't breath,but they really take a beating.

You get what you pay for. I would not spend anything less than about $150.

Welcome back!
I can attest to the Dan Bailys. 2nd year and their like new, plenty of bushwacking and salt fishing. Can't be beat for $129.

Just ordered the Hodgman 13610 from Eagle Outdoor. Paid 129.95.shipped. No tax! They're regularly 179.95. www.troutfisherman.net...or call 1-888-782-7542.
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