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Well, you can sure tell the flows are down on the Yakima without looking at the hydrology charts on the web. Just drive up and down the lower canyon road and look for a place to pull over and park that doesn't have a car already there! All the wade fishermen are now out in force.

It doesn't seem to matter weekday or weekend. I was up there Monday(9-9) and yesterday and there wasn't much different. Fishing seemed a little slower yesterday even though there was some scattered cloud cover. Could be the fish aren't quite settled with the flows and the warmer water. Water temps should drop over the next week as the hot spell may be cooled off during the daytime hours.

Still mananged to catch a couple of nice fish, meet some nice fly fishermen and avoid the few inner tubers (Central in back in school now) drinking, I mean floating down the river.

Evening Hatch is planning a get together/meeting the afternoon of Nov. 2nd at Red's Campground (the same day as Worley-Bugger's clean up day). If you fish the Yakima, come out and support both as their goals are the same - clean water, better access, better fishing!


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