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Want to join me on the Deschutes?

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Hey all,

I am looking to head down and fish the Salmonfly hatch from June 10-13. I'm hoping to leave by noonish on Thursday the 10th. I plan on camping and fishing betweem Trout Creek and Warm Springs. The drive has taken me 5-6 hours in the past, so I hope to get there in time for a little bit of the evening hatch. Was planning to hike in and grab one of the little camp spots along that section, fish hard until Sunday early afternoon then head home. Anyone want to come along? I did this same trip last year, but I think we left a day earlier. It was good fishing even though the wind storm of the century came through and ripped everything to hell about two hours before we arrived. There are some big, hungry fish taking huge dries all day long. That and LOTS of rattlesnakes.

let me know if you are interested.

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Great timing unless the hatch is really early.i 've fished mostly the second week in June for most of the last 35 years rarely disapointed, even if a lttle off timing. Would love to go but just not up to it any more. My sons may be there though,The youngest has a drift boat and they usually camp and Trout Creek #15 if it's available. They could camp other places too depending how many friends come along. Have a geat time it's worth it, sure sorry I can't. I've had to miss the last couple of years.
Salmonflies are on in full force right now. The hatch came 2 weeks early. Bring lots of yellow sally's.
Salmonflies are on in full force right now. The hatch came 2 weeks early. Bring lots of yellow sally's.
Between Warm Springs and Trout Creek?
Between Warm Springs and Trout Creek?
Yes Sir!
Yep, the hatch is on full force right now.....Higher water temps from the dam, having to do with running the smolts down have pushed the hatch up a couple of weeks....
as mentioned, hatch is definitely early. Even it the big bugs are gone by the time you fish it, you'll pick up plenty of fish throwing the large flies. In addition to yellow sallies, bring lots of caddis all sizes and colors, PMDs, PEDs, you might run into a green drake hatch as well. (saw a couple on the water last week--very large--size 8 or so).
squaw creek confluence was good by all acounts, I had friends in there weekend of May22nd
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