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Want to make your own fly boxes? On the cheap??

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If even that expensive?

Mini-'Clave here on the Rogue this Saturday and one of the neat things was 'home made Tin fly boxes.' These are (roughly) 5.5" x 4" (the web site has the exact dimensions) in size. What makes these things unique is they have a clear plastic lid.

Hit the Auto Parts store and get a sheet of head gasket material, cut to size, glue on to the inside bottom and you're good to go. Cost? $1.05 each, plus shipping. Loaded with flies these were totally cool!

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Looks like a nice setup, thanks for the tip Fred.
but these dont Look like they would float.
Good food for thought...
but these dont Look like they would float.
Good food for thought...
Actually, with the cork bottom 'insert,' I'd bet you $5.00 that they'd 'float like a cork. (Bad pun intended)
Great find Fred! They're a Seattle company. You probably wouldn't have to pay shipping for those who live in the Seattle area.
I'm going to get a couple, looks like they'd be great for a variety of uses, me thinking backpacking.
Indeed~ One thing I've found over the years is you collect boxes, and boxes, and boxes ... of flies. God only know how many I have, or for that matter what the hecks in many of them. Time to pull out a 'hand full' and do a 'junk on bunk,' sort, chuck, make some sense of all this mess.

Yes, you will have to pay for shipping even though they are a seattle company.... at leat that was the case in 2009. You have to buy a min. dollar amount to be able to will call the order. Stupid really.
Fred, If you have any flies you're not planning on using give Jim Riggins a holler, they can use them for the kids in his program!
Simple things work the best for small fly boxes.

I went to Walmart and went into the cosmetics section. They have small plastic boxes that are under a buck. They have five compartments on one side and one on the other side. They should float.
You can buy ripple foam replacement inserts with adhesive backs at Cabelas and in some fly shops; they come in various sizes. Find your tin of preference (I use Altoids), cut the foam to fit (ripple for bottom smooth for lid), peel off the paper backing and stick 'em in. Voila! Fly box.

richard: does it float? I like the Altoid box idea.
I've done the same as Dick, don't know if they float, never tried it. Those lids aren't water tight, that's probably your answer. They are nice for a variety of fishing chores. I've often used one for fly swaps on here, they're just the right size for that and they don't collapse in the mail. Also if you tie and fish thin mints your flies will feel right at home, and smell correctly too!
guess I am do in for a box of altoids soon!

When I was in middle school, my friends and I would eat 5 or so of them at a time and then drink really cold water. It was an awesome rush.
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