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Water Skeeter Air Bladders

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Anyone know where I can get some air bladders for a Skeeter Backwater toon, or where I can get them repaired. I took a trip today and had one of them pop on me.
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Just an ordinary dumbass, not worth much.
I tried calling and leaving emails to Skeeter, but to no avail. I keep missing them or and they never respond. I would hate to not use the toon again, but if I can fix hole then the boat is useless.
You could always use a different set of toons with the frame as well.
If it is under warranty, the company should repair or replace.
If repairable, Outcast Boats has very good repair instructions on their site. This is a detailer procedure for patching bladders.
If it is not repairable, purchase a replacement bladder from Water Skeeter. Try a water Skeeter retailer, you may get better service than at the company HQ.
Good luck.
Waterskeeter has gone out of businees, again . Bob could not fulfill all the warranty problems he had from the first start. Personally there is better product out there. I would nt put my life on the line with a water skeeter product. not to offend anyone, just my thoughts
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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