Watermaster Grizzly Raft - $900

For sale is one of my two identical Watermaster Grizzly rafts. These are great watercraft, I just don't really need two any longer. Red color, which I like for lakes with boat traffic (and which Grizzly doesn't make any longer). It is virtually identical to the current Grizzly standard package that retails for $1695. Includes pump, nylon seat, oars, carry dry bag.

In addition it comes with a lot of extras, including:
  • stripping apron
  • rod holder
  • mesh gear holder pocket
  • front and rear carry handles

On top of that it has the accessories to convert it to a much better stillwater boat, including:
  • aluminum seat mounting plate that Watermaster no longer sells
  • padded folding boat seat
  • taller oarlocks to accommodate the higher seat position

It's like getting two boats in one depending on whether you want to use it on moving water or lakes.

If you want to know more, check out https://www.bigskyinflatables.com/pr...-grizzly-raft/

PM me if you're interested. Sacramento local pickup. Will ship if we can make it happen, but I'd guess it would be about $150..