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Waterworks Vanquish ?

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Has anyone fished this reel and how did you like it? Any thought on how it compares to other reels at this price point?
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Looked but didn't fish. Seems like a lot to pay for a reel even though they are fairly nice.
they sure do look nice :) built like tanks too...

but yeah...for the price I can almost buy a quality rod and a quality reel. but hey, if you shit out 100$ bills then why not
Hi MrP: Ive owned lampson/waterworks for the past 5 years and the drag is awesome and smooth as silk and the reels change out in a snap. Ive taken kings over 65lb and have caught little dinkers. And I have had no problems what so ever on the reels. I have had a cheeper brand explode on me in the middle of Ak while fishing for big trout, what a dissapointment. I had a cimmaron 4 and have not uesd it in 6 years.You may pay a little more now but it will last. What wt rod are you going to use this reel on? You might want to down size your reel a size and buy extra spools to be able to ues this on other rods. Just a thought, Good luck. Rick
MERDOG95...we're specifically talking about the Vanquish reel, not Lamson reels in general. Yes Lamson reels are great but the Vanquish is at a price point beyond any other Lamson reels.

"pay a little more" is a bit of an understatement lol.

But if you've seen the drag on those Vanquishes...jesus, its a BEAST.
HOLY CRAP!!!! I LOVE lamson...but holy crap......that is a lot of money for a reel! that makes me want to cry that people buy those.......because i could NEVER afford one!
I got my eyes on the Tibor Spey reel if i'm spending that much money.
I got my eyes on the Tibor Spey reel if i'm spending that much money.
the tibor spey = SICK!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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