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Date: December 1, 2001

From: Les Johnson
To: WSC Membership and Supporting Organizations

Hello one and all!

December 8 is approaching rapidly so it is time to get your letters into the mail and get your car pools together or arrange your spot on the bus. We will not have another opportunity like this to save our wild steelhead for a long time, if ever. We all need to get involved right now.

Letters ASAP
Write a short letter supporting the "Catch and release of all wild steelhead in Washington State waters without exception." Your letter does not have to be eloquent. It simply has to state your position.

The importance of you sending a letter cannot be too strongly stated. The opposition to catch & release is mounting a strong letter-writing campaign. The general thrust of the anti-catch & release faction is that they would prefer to see the fishery closed completely rather than go with catch and release.

Your letters are needed to offset this surge of opposition to catch & release of all wild steelhead in Washington. Please get your letter into the mail today! Send your letters to:

Evan Jacoby
WDF&W Rules Coordinator
Department of Fish and Wildlife
600 Capitol N.
Olympia, WA 98501-1091

The hearings will be held at:

Cascade Park Inn and Suites
Cascade Rooms
221 NE Chakalov Drive
Vancouver, WA
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