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Tides are in a state of flux right now, the saltwater tides are late in the day (5:00) which is not only hot but exposes you to afternoon T-storms. So headed inland to St. John river to do some nymphing for panfish. Also chance to cast my new 8'9" mantra 5 weight. Very strong and solid action, seemed very tip heavy so will try my loop 5:8 classic to see how it feels. Fishing nymphs on an intermediate Wulff line caught about 8, many looked like this


Just getting wired in on the fish when thunder boomers came in.paddled like hell to get off the water all the while regretting the Danish pornado I downloaded last night. Drive back home was through some of the nastiest weather we've seen for days. Maybe this will deplete the unused energy and afternoon weather this week won't be as brutal.
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