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Good. Very good. Fished three rivers and two creeks and all were fishing pretty well. I ended up with a higher than normal ratio of "billy blancos" (whitefish) to trout but all in all it was a solid weekend. Friday afternoon was some of the best dry fly action I have had since - well since last year. At one point I was looking out over the river and seeing green drakes, smaller mayflies, BWOs, march browns, stones, a couple of skwalas all coming off - I even saw my first salmon fly of the year! I actually caught him and dropped him into a bubble trail, but nothing came up for it so I scooped it up and put him on a rock to dry off - hoping he goes and has a lot of salmon fly sex to make more salmon flies.....

Any weekend when you can throw dries, nymphs and streamers and have some success everywhere you go has to get chalked up as a good weekend. Largest fish was a pretty 18" bow who came up and hammered a green drake.

Hope everyone enjoys some fishing this week, wherever they are - my inlaws showed up last night for a THREE WEEK VISIT so last weekend could be last time out for me for a while.....

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