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MA 9....0 for 1

MA 10....0 for 0

Fished a combined 14 hours over both days. Saw two fish hooked, one of which was hooked in the ass with a bright pink buzz bomb. Very little bait at the MA 9 beach, none at the MA 10 beach.

I like that it felt like fall both day. Some good tides coming up. Time to keep grinding away.

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Son and I took the crab pot out yesterday to 8-2 (took 3 home. lots of just undersized males..promising winter) and didn't notice any activity while out on the water.
A beautiful day to be out though....
Waiting for Sept 1......

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East side of MA 9, fished from the beach South of the shipwreck, from first light until tide change, never saw a rise, and despite many boats looking, never saw any hook-ups from the trollers either. I was hoping the cooler weather and last weeks rain had moved some up, but doesn't look like it. Morning was winds and white caps; gave my shoulder a good work out for upcoming steelhead season.
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