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Called in sick to go fish today. Hooked up with
John and was on the water by 9. Lots of fish rising
so I went with a dry....Fish were keyed in on the dragons (you know flying out of the air with wild abandon) but was able to get more than a few to take on damsels. A perfect day to play hooky, lots of 10 to 14 inchers with the biggest
to hand for me 17 inches. John had a toad snap him off
with a mighty leap onto his line, I saw the whole thing
and it was way over 18...oh well. Just good to get out
and enjoy the good weather and catch fish. The salt hasn't
been good so far this fall so I needed to feel something on the line other than seaweed. Water temp was about 68 and there
was only one other person on the lake. All the fish were fat, health
and put up a fight like Eastern Wa fish. Don't see casting dries
again until next year...unless it's for SRC's.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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