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What fish is this?

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Hit a not unknown beach in MA11 this am, and came across this carcass...I would love for someone with more knowledge than me to ID it




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That's a halibut. And MA11 is closed to fishing for them. At least they didn't waste the cheeks....
Could have been one that someone caught somewhere else and disposed of the filleted carcass on the beach. Dungies will enjoy it.
I've seen filleted Albacore dumped in area rivers.
Just back from the Bahamas, I'm saying bonefish.
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Thanks everyone... I think with the cheeks and eyes missing, it threw me off...

Also saw an octopus about the size of a saucer. He was too far up the beach, so I helped back into the water...pretty cool
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Thanks for helping that octopus. I also go with halibut.
That is probably just a bi-catch from the tribal nets....
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