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Please help i went out and didn't even get a bit. I have a light rod. I went above hwy 18 bridge. There were a few bait fisher there but no flyers. I would like any and all help that u can give thx.


I know a guy who used to fish the Green all the time for steelhead. In fact, he has a couple patterns in Trey Combs' Steelhead masterpiece. He would just skate dries on a bamboo rod June through early November. His dries were as small as #16's.

Now he lives in Spokane and just fishes trout. I think 1997 was the last year he fished for steelhead. He said it's just gotten so crowded everywhere and there aren't as many fish as there used to be. He finished a nice 7' 4weight 'boo in '99 and never looked back (although I wonder if he's snuck down to the Grande Ronde or Clearwater).

I know Greg Tompkins at Kaufmann's in Bellevue is pretty familiar with the Green (he's lived in the southend since like the 70's) and doesn't mind turning sports onto it because not so many people clamor for its secrets...

Keep at it and YOU LET US KNOW!
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