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What I Woulda Tied...

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...had Jim and I made our 15th annual Ludicrous lake and pinhead Pond trip on new years Eve...we be getting older and decided it was too freakin' cold...this is a concept drawing...I may work on it...
Hair Nose Head Eye Neck
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A "Ringo Fish"... :D
"Shrunken Head"
My offering for our trip on NYE ...Yeah with my beard trimmings...I know icky...troutskies chased but did not strike...Ha!
Glass Transparent material Metal Fashion accessory Light fixture
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"Nellie Fly" The hair of the dog....caught a summer Washougal ...just a boss pattern...Oh and I learned a lesson about a deal on hooks on Ebay...fly hooks various sizes cheap...I didn't get what I thought I was gonna...so I use em for wacky stuff
Motor vehicle Gas Wing Glass Insect
steelhead with it...
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