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What's the truth behind the conflicting fly color doctri

I would like to say that color is a factor but here are some arguements:

A steelhead has trout like habits right? With trout flies the least important factor to consider when is picking a fly is color. Size, shape and action seem to be much less limiting factors.

The most popular flies for summer run fish for me seem to be all dark flies with a hint of bright or sparkle. None of my flies are completely dark. A green butt skunk is white winged fly with a black body. It also has 2 colors that are abnormal; red and green.
The undertaker also has red and green tags which works well for me.

Purple seems to work when nothing else is working. It also works at all depths. (surface to bottom)

For winter runs, bright flies in clear water seems to work consistently but in dark water, dark flies are the only ticket.

In the fall, all of the strangest colors work well. Orange, green, yellow, etc.

Yes, I know that there is no pattern!!!

I don't have an answer really. We are talking about an elusive mutant fish that eats bugs when it isn't supposed to be feeding at all yet will strike a fly that looks like nothing in nature.
But needless to say, color is important to some varying degree.
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