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Well, in the interest of making my blog better, I always enjoy finding new blogs and in the process, finding new ways to make mine better

Here's a few I love








So....lets see what your favorites are. There has to be gazillions that i dont know about that I would love to read

Chris...if this post is against site rules...please feel free to shut er down

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here are some of my favorites, that are worth perusing.

fat guy fly fishing
jaymorr photograpy
blanco honky
fishing jones
bugs and rod photograpy

as well as a relative newcomer that has some serious talent that needs to be observed.
apocalypse steelheader

and for everything else fishing blog related fishing blogdom

and as always if you want to read the dribble I barf up hit the link at the bottom (that is if I can escape my chores and find something to write about again)
jaymorr takes some excellent photos

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I'm really surprised at how similar in tone a lot of the blogs are. It's kind of "I get to be 12 and listen to loud music again" with the black backgrounds and the goofy-ass spelling and stuff.

That said, mine probably looks stuffy and mainstream by comparison.:rolleyes:

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I don't know if you're including podcasts in your blog definition here, but there's a few podcasts I really enjoy. If there are others you'd recommend, please post them here.

http://www.askaboutflyfishing.com/ <- "Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio" podcasts here are about an hour and a half, generally on a single subject, with a guest expert to talk about it. Lots of good information in these.
http://www.orvis.com/intro.aspx?dir_id=758&subject=4047 <- Orvis fly fishing podcast with Tom Rosenbauer. These average around 10 minutes, (some up to 20 minutes, others just 5-7 minutes)
http://ffotw.com/?page_id=451 <-Fly fishing weekly. These average around an hour long
http://ffotw.com/?page_id=453 <- Tying tips. These are short- about 5-10 minutes at most
http://ffotw.com/?page_id=868 <- casting tips. Also short- 5-6 minutes on average.

I like to listen to them on my commute, or when making a long drive out to a fishing site. Can you recommend any others I've missed?
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