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Whats your favorite fly fishing magazine or publication?

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Just curious as to what everyone is reading now days especially with all the swelling rivers and lack of quantities of Winter Run Steelhead.

Don't know if you'd call it a magazine or not but I really used to enjoy "The Steelhead Fly Fishing Journal" by Amato Publications :thumb
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Northwest Fly Fishing is my fav, even though the pimp out waters overly much. But, I suppose that's how they sell copies. Plus I know one of the writers, always fun to read his articles.
I like Northwest Flyfishing, Flyfishing & Tying, and my new favorite is Fish Alaska. Covers all methods but tends to focus on flyfishing. Usually has killer fly pattern instructions.
Amen Sister!

That's my favorite also, followed closely by an English pubication Flyfishing and Flytying.

NWFF is a slick mag with great photo's of places that make your mouth water and stripping fingers twitch. Their articles often include the local "gotta have it" fly too.

The British mag makes me dream of 8 hour flights to Heathrow and 3 week vactions. Last time I was there I was on two wheels and no rod, DAMN!


Truth above all
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I agree with The Steelhead Fly Fishing Journal. I recently borrowed the entire series reading and re-reading each issue over several weeks...what a great publication. The perfect mix of techniques, flies, destinations and personalities. I have been told that Michael Fong's Inside Angler was great too. Back issues can still be had for $9 each...ouch! It's too bad that these aren't still in circulation.

Like the rest, I read Nortwest Fly Fishing along with American Angler and Fly Fisherman, great articles and lots of good ideas.

For fly tying info, it's Fly Tyer.

And with rivers and fishing being what they have been lately, I've been re-reading back issues too!

Fly Tyer, FlyRod and Reel, and Fly Fisherman are my favorites. I also read Alaska fishing, great articles when it comes to salmon fishing.
Whats your favorite fly fishing magazine or publica...

The Art of Angling Journal published quarterly by The Complete Sportsman. An annual subscription is $35. Each issue is 150-200 pages. This is a publication of Paul Schmookler and Ingrid Sils. They are purists for quality. The journal has lots of steelhead and atlantic salmon content.

The Spring 2002 issue had articles on Iceland's East Ranga, the Steelhead Flies of Edward Haas, Streamers and Bucktails and an article on Golden Pheasants complete with some gorgeous pictures of salmon and spey flies tied with Golden Pheasants.

The Fall 2002 issue had articles on Bogdan reels, Shea Super Spey flies for steelhead, Walt Johnson, Bull Trout, Jim Leisring and fishing Iceland's Mdfjardara.
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