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Hardy reels have a sort of religious quality: you either
believe in them or not. The House of Hardy has been around forever. At one time, Hardies were the only reel of great quality and they were pricey then and they fetch a good price now. The Hardy Perfect was available to me for about $60.00 and I wanted it badly but it was just too much money. Today, a Hardy Perfect is worth about $500 to $800 depending on condition.
I own two Hardies and they are more than reels to me. We go back together a long way and we have taken our share of fish. I am very sentimental about them and I would not part with my Hardies, regardless of the price offerred.
One of them is a St. Aiden (several Hardies were named after saints) and is my favorite reel. I paid $80.00 for her in 1960. I don't know what price she would fetch today. But that reel sings! To hear her sing is one of life's great pleasures.
The other reel is a Hardy Longstone which was designed as a single action mooching reel. She still runs perfectly. You can reach inside the spinning spool and apply the breaks all the way down to lock up with your fingers. A very fine reel,indeed. We've caught a gob of fish together and none was ever lost because of the reel.
If you are a techey, then hunt around for one of thousands of new reels, all good, all pricey.
If you are a romantic, then get a Hardy that suits your fancy and pocketbook. You will always be proud of it.
Personally, I belong to the school that says a reel is simply something to hold your line in an orderly manner.
But Hardy is more than simply that. It is a Hardy.
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