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It would depend on the condition of the reel. If it's new, that's not a bad deal. I would look for disc drag and lifetime warranty on any reel I buy these days.As for fishing salt and then fresh or visa versa; you should rinse out your reel and follow manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning and lubing etc. There can be important differences in lube types, drying methods etc. You guys hear me harping about Ross reels allot. It's about as workmanlike a reel as you can get, with a simple but effective drag system and the best service and warranty in the business.I like the older Hardys and would collect them if I could afford it. I find the loder click models annoying. I have fished them and they are a bit of the old sod, tweedy and remind me of the irish wool sweater my uncle wore fishing in springtime. Might not be a steelhead reel though.
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