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Where would you go?

  • Olympic Pennisula

    Votes: 12 22.6%
  • Prince of Whales Island

    Votes: 10 18.9%
  • Montana

    Votes: 13 24.5%
  • 3 days OP 3 days MT 3 days driving

    Votes: 2 3.8%
  • WY/CO

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • Northern California

    Votes: 9 17.0%
  • Oregon

    Votes: 6 11.3%
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I understand most of the women in Forks are, strangely, very anemic now, but still enjoy going out for a good bite.:rofl:

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Dillon Montana, I know a guy there that loves for folks to drop in to take him fishing.

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I would not fish montana in march unless your a damn fine nymph fisherman! The water can be tough on a fisherman in march in the big sky! Plus with the current weather MT might seem colder than usual temps in March, its cold already but I have a hunch winter is gonna creep its head late with all this warm weather. There is usually a really nice March Brown hatch on the CF, but even then you have to be a damn fine fisherman, and have an extraordinary amount of luck!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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