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Well let me tell you what I had to do today. I had just bought the ODC Sport from Outdoor Emporium last week. I took it to Dry Falls with the boys. After one day, rust was breaking through the paint at all the welds. I just got back from downtown. They called the Creek Company and asked what to do. They really didn't want to replace it until it broke. But you could clearly see all the weld spots were rusting and the little nicks, from putting it together, hadn't even started to rust. But Outdoor Emporium let me do whatever I wanted. So I upgraded to the ODC 1018. Unlike the ODC Sport, the 1018 has aluminum tubing. It also has extras like a hard deck in the back, anchor pulley and lock, rod holder etc. Since it is a 10 footer, there isn't anything it can't handle. $549 and my hat is off to Jamin at Outdoor Emporium.


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