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Who's Got A Chopper?

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Cause this looks mighty fun! New Moen movie about Chinookies.

Anybody know what that orange running line/backing is? Looks like big miracle braid but way longer so it acts as running line too. I don't see anything else between the head and the orange stuff.
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Ha! These guys look like they would use floro for catfish...

They show her tie a knot with it and I think it looks like a really heavy braid. Love me some miracle braid but it's damn hard to find.

Edit: maybe it's just plain old heavy backing straight to the head??? Anybody doing that?
So you guys are seeing a mono type section from the head to the running line? Guess I need to see this on a bigger screen. On my phone it looks like one long piece of orange line.

Makes sense these guys would match running line to backing!

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If they didn't swimmy would be all over them.:D
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