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Wild Steelhead Being Sold At Freshy's On Mi

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Give em a call and have the conversation:) 206.232.3028
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The manager's name is Bryce. If he is not at the number listed above, he will be at their market: 2064534738
I've always found these "wild steelhead on the menu" threads unique.
A week or so ago, I noticed that Olympia Seafood Company also had "Wild Steelhead" in their display. I asked the young guys behind the counter about it, but they were clueless. They promised to pass on my comments to the manager, and I left a voicemail later. Might be worth a stop-in to see if they still have it for sale.
Likewise a grocery store here in the tricities has "wild" steelhead on the menu last summer. The fish counter guy was clueless. In this case, I am pretty sure they were netpen raised, hence not wild at all, or even "steelhead". But still creating a market for steelhead, which is bad.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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