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I had to leave the meeting a little early but don't think I missed too much. The speaker was Jim Tuggle, retired enforcement guru for WDFW. Jim talked about the need to shift enforcement focus from maximizing tickets to conservation of resources. He listed an example of officers being able to issue 10-20 tickets a day fro people being one over their limit on razor clams but it might take the same officers a week or two to get the goods on illegal habitat destruction or a group targeting threatened fish stocks. The latter two are certainly more important in conserving the resource but are not as visable as a stack of tickets.

There was also discussion of a program called Eyes in the Woods which teaches people how to accurately report violators. There was some interest in the WSC sponsoring a group training along these lines.

The membership adopted some by-law changes which were sent out before hand on e-mail. Other than that, the November Steelhead Summit was discussed. It looks like there are committtments from organizations from California to Canada to attend.

Hope this helps.


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I'm from the Boston area, but I fish for steelhead all the time in the Great Lakes. I'm wondering if you have any info on how I can become a member of the Wild Steelhead Coalition if their is such a thing. I may be moving out to Washington state in a little less than a year and would like to learn as much as I can before I come out. Thanks for the help.
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