Winston B2x 9' 4wt in excellent condition, lightly used. Smooth medium fast Winston action - not as fast as more recent Winstons. $425 in Conus including USPS Priority Mail and insurance. Please bear in mind that with recent length surcharges with USPS it will cost me around $50 to the west coast from here in OH. Check or money order preferred, I might accept paypal but would prefer not to. I'm a long time member of the Classic Fly Rod forum and Fiberglass forum and have been a member here for a couple years and have bought and sold many rods and reels with no problems. I'm trying to reduce the number of rods in my rack so not interested in trades. Thanks for looking. SOLD.

Sage Circa 7'9" 3wt in excellent condition. This rod is good with either a 3 or 4wt line and is similar to the Sage TXL-F series but slightly more flex. Not a slow rod by any means, but really nice flex for a small stream rod. Same price and terms as the Winston. I've included 3 photos of each rod but haven't figured out how to insert them separately so you'll have to figure which are which. Clue - the Circa has a yellow tube. SOLD