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I used to live in Spokane and fly fish occasionally when I was there. The majority of the fishing I did in winter was on Lake Roosevelt where fishing for big trout can be very good. You need a boat for most of it, though, so that may not be of interest.

First, I wouldn't bother with Hangman Creek as it doesn't have much water in the summer, and I can't see it supporting a decent spawning run of anything. I certainly could be wrong on that, but it's such a shallow, hot creek in the summer, I don't see it providing much habitat for trout.

For my money, if you don't mind driving and exploring, try to find the headwaters of Crab Creek which really begins around Reardan. Those little creeks and the main Crab Creek in the Harrington area has some surprising fishing. I'm told there are even brook trout that live in the upper reaches, but I can't confirm that.

Failing that, I'd hit for some of the creek mouths on Roosevelt and fish them with a sinking line and a large fly. Hawk Creek (by the campground) would be one place I'd try, and I would bushwhack for the others.

The few times I fished the Spokane itself during the winter, I blanked. But when you come back to school in the fall, spend some time on the river as the fishing can be very, very good. If you fish below town toward the state park, you will find some big trout.

Good luck,

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