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G'day Tom,

Beaut fish :THUMBSUP there. Had a chance to fish the Methow one day before you. Mate from the local REI flyshop Brad Oakey took me there, gave me his flyreel, line to use, picked the fly and pointed out a likley spot. Really pissed him off when I caught one :TONGUE River Rage does exisit ..Nah just fun.. Great area up there and the locals nice. Dropped by the hardware for advice and hit the sevice station dinner in town for some good tucker! Bloody cold though for those with Aussie blood :BIGSMILE
Anyways heres the link to the pic and also one of a Chico Chum Salmon on Thanksgiving morning... thanks Brad really appreciated the fishing, hope you catch on soon mate!



"May your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny door down"
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