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Winthrop area

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I'm going to Pearrygin Aug. 8th. thru the 14th. I was wondering if anyone had tips on places to fly fish and flies to use. Can you fish the Chewuck this time of year? Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks Gang!- Coyote
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I believe the Chewuch and a section of the Methow (I think the upper river) usually closes mid August sometime, check the regs. Big bushy dries work well this time of year on the Met. Good luck
I think the early post is correct. The Chewuch River closes on Aug. 15th, but is currently open up to the 8-Mile Bridge (Closed Waters beyond that). The water is fairly low, but you should be able to find a few pockets here and there that hold 8-10 inch rainbows.

The Methow may be your better bet as there is tons of access along HWY 153 and there is more water.

Please be sure to keep any caught fish in the water as they are released...Both the water and air temps are warm, so there is a potential for high mortality. Also, be sure to check the regs....they get very specific on where and when you can legally fish the streams and rivers.

I have no info on Pearygrin, sorry.
Pearrygin should do well if fished deep and slow. Evening you could fish the surface. There are some big fish in Pearrygin.
The core Methow is still open until 9/15 below the town of Winthrop. You are also close to Boulder Creek, up Road 52 just north of the lake and it is a very fun place to catch brookies. It is open until end of September I'm pretty sure.
My girlfriend caught some CT trout at black pine lake a few weeks ago. No fish on the surface. Big twin was too warm and low to fish but a nice place to camp. Good luck
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