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Woodduck Heron (variation)

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Found this version on a UK site. A little bit of flash on the back end to brighten things up.

hook - TMC 5263 #6
thread - UTC 140 hot orange
tag - tying thread
body - medium mylar opal
wing - woodduck flank
hackle - hen cream

mash barb/start thread, wrap to bend and back to 2/3 mark; brush with Sally

tie in tinsel, wrap to point above point and back; tie off/trim

prep woodduck flank

tie in by tip, sweep fibers back while wrapping forward to 1 eye width back from eye

prep hen hackle; tie in by tip

wrap hackle; tie off/trim, whip finish, SHHAN

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It looked great, even before the hen hackle! Great fly!
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Here in New England the local variation of that fly is very popular. It is locally known as Wood Duck & Orange. Very productive for trout and land locked salmon. Here is a link to a tie by a local shop in NH:

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beautiful fly and not overdressed unlike the Stone River fly.
Love the simplicity but probably can't avoid a thin body on the rest of the fly!!
beautiful fly and not overdressed unlike the Stone River fly.
Here in New England we were never part of the "grunge movement" so being well dressed is appreciated
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