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Woolley Bugger Swap - Newbie to Expert Tiers Welcome!

This swap is for the tried and true Woolley Bugger. Found in just about any fly tying guide you'll see. The simplicity of this fly is amazing. The variations are likely infinite. This is NOT a CONTEST so anyone willing to do their best to create a set of flies for the swap that are as close to identical to one another as possible is welcome. Great practice for those learning. Back to Grass roots for those that have been tying for ages. It is cool to be a skilled tyer willing to swap flies with new tyers, a new tyer honing your skills or anything in between. If you are too cool to tie or fish the trusty old woolley bugger then this one is not for you.

Let's say Fourteen fly tiers. Flies must be in my mailbox no later than March 22nd. When you sign up, please describe the variation of the woolley bugger that you will be tying so that we can attempt to get people with different versions. (Color, wing, hackled, collar, beaded - you get the idea, right?) It can be your standby that keeps the skunk away, lake, river/stream or even beach favorite. Just make sure that when you sign up yours sounds different than everyone elses.

Respond with I'm IN and what you are in with and I'll add your name and description to the list.
(Flies must be in my mailbox no later than Monday, March 22nd, 2010. I'll be back from the Hoh Down, depressed that the trip is over and in need to keep busy. I'll photograph the flies, split them up and get them out as soon as possible.)

Toe tag or eye loop label your flies please.
Put enough postage on your package so I don't have to pay the postal service postage due.
Include a self addressed stamped return label. (or make arrangements to meet up and that is cool)
Contact me with questions, cheap shots, funny jokes or just to shoot the stuff.

1) Norm Frechette - Purple Crystal Bugger IN HAND
2) Rob Ast - Thin Mint Bugger IN HAND
3) Eric Tarcha - Pattern not yet specified IN HAND
4) NomDeTrout - Black/Orange with Conehead IN HAND
5) Upsfisher - Standard Olive Woolley Bugger IN HAND
6) Whit - Rubber Legged Woolley Bugger Mailed
7) Camo Clad Warrior - "The Fig" woolley bugger IN HAND
8) Kirk Singleton - Black ESL, griz hackle, rabbit&legs IN HAND
9) Jesse James - Halloween Bugger - Blk/Or Irredescent IN HAND
10) Mumbles - I don't know yet, Wine/Black probably IN HAND
11) Kelvin - Is that a searun woolley bugger IN HAND
12) Western - Baker's Hole Bugger IN HAND
13) Steeli - Black/Bloody Bugger IN HAND
14) Anas - Traditional dubbed two tone body IN HAND

We are all full up unless you guys want to expand. Tell me soon. Get to tying. If everyone is done and they are in early you'll get to fish them sooner.

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Kelvin, we did fill up fast, let's put it to the tyers. Willing to allow more to enter? If so to what number? Let's hear some input over the next day or two.
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