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Not Fishing Related, unless you talk about snacks and fishing as being related.

Worlds First 100% compostable chip package: Sun Chips What are your thoughts, besides I'm off my damn rocker? I said it was not fishing related.

I think it is a cool idea that I'm all for, but the bag is so freaking loud I'll never get a chance to sneak another chip in my life. Thanks Sun Chips for ruining my late night stealth snacking by your new environmentally friendly advance.
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We could be in on the ground floor with the potential solution to your quandary, Ed . . . "Ninja Biodegradable Packaging Materials, LLC" . . . it appears that the Sun Chips folks are doing a good thing overall,however.
If you are going to be talking food, please put it in the right forum. Like the Camping, Hiking and Cooking forum.

Some peoples kids can't do anything right.:p:p:p:p

OM, you should PM Chris and see if he will put you on as a moderator.
OM, you should PM Chris and see if he will put you on as a moderator.
Lord help us all. Commiting that would be the first step in Jim ruling with an iron fist!
He is too old to make a fist or hold a rod, that's why he pushes these buttons.
I am afraid there is not a medication for Jim. Like many meds, they will only work for a while and then they are of no use.
OK, to get back on track here... I'm all for the new Sun Chips bag too, but it really is Frickin' LOUD! Not only does it ruin late night snacking, but if you did take it along on a fishing trip it's obnoxious. But I will still choose this over a regular bag o chips. I feel obligated to do my part, but it seems futile with things like plumes of oil puking into the gulf.
Every thing food related is fishing related in my book. A good fishing trip requires good food. ( and :beer1:)

The question I have with noisy packaging, such as you describe with Sun Chips, "will it scare the fish away?" :hmmm:
Anything to get the post count up Ed, eh?
Crap, I thought Mumbalina was gonna post he caught a fish!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ed you're already getting trashed enough here. I'm gonna cut you a break today. You're welcome.
I always liked Sun Chips. I like 'em a lot better now that they're in a compostable bag (even if it's noisy!). Nothing worse than seeing a chip bag blowing in the breeze alongside the highway (except maybe seeing an oil spill)! Good for Sun Chips, though - it's a start and maybe all the other chip outfits that are out there will take note and follow their lead! Less litter and garbage blowing around is a good thing.

Now if we could just do something about that damned oil spill!
Well I don't give a rip about how bio-degradable some chip bag is, big whoopie-do! Now when they get really smart and start making the bag edible too, then 'ya got something, right there. They already make edible panties so a chip bag should be ....well in the bag..so to speak.
I've never actually tried those edible panties myself, never found anybody wearing 'em that I thought would be safe to eat.....period!:p
BTW: An edible sun chip bag wouldn't taste any worse than the chips, would it?

Papa... You make a good point; you don't see those edible panties blowin' around in the wind along side the highways now , do ya'! If it works for panties, it'll work just as well for chip bags now won't it - don't you think?

We need to clean up our environment and these are some good ideas being shared here on this thread. A big "thank you" to you Mumbles for getting this started!
Crap, I thought Mumbalina was gonna post he caught a fish!!!!!!!!!!!!
now thats funny
Another cool development in the world of biodegradable packaging-related stuff are the starch based packing peanuts. To get rid of them you just soak 'em in water and they dissolve.
They're also edible, sorta. My dog ate a whole box of them and was no worse for the wear other than his turd being a little white around the edges the next morning. They probably taste
as good as Sun Chips.
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