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Wtb - Pontoon Casing

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Hello all,

My outcast 300 is about 9 years old now and as I was putting it up for the off season I discovered a tear in the material on the top of the casing on the left pontoon. (I do not know if they are side specific...perhaps one of you do).

Anyway....I find myself looking to either repair or replace the casings as the rest of the pontoon (including the bladders) is great.
Suggestions on repairs are welcomed too....

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I would double check your pontoon brand. If you got it at Costco, then it is an Outfitter 300, not an Outcast. I don't recall Outcast making a 300 model but if they did, I would contact Outcast directly about a replacement shell.

If you have an Outfitter 300, I think that that boat may have been made for Costco by Classic Accessories in Kent, WA. Again, I would contact them directly for replacement parts. If it was a private label job for Costco, there is probably less chance they have replacement parts unless it was just one of their regular models re-branded for Costco.

In either case, your problem can probably be fixed by anyone with an industrial sewing machine. I'd try a tent/awning place or an auto/boat upholstery shop; either should have the expertise and some kind of material to patch it or re-sew a seam. However, if the cloth fabric on top itself ripped (assuming you have an Outfitter 300), I'd check all the fabric to be sure it is not starting to sun rot. (if you're not sure, ask the opinion of one of the above type of repair shops) If it is starting to rot, I wouldn't spend to much money on it or trust my life to it. If the fabric looks ok or it was a seam failure, you can prolong the life of the shell by treating it regularly with '303' and storing it out of the sun. If it was a seam that failed because the thread rotted, you can prolong the thread life by treating it with SeamGrip (being careful not to glue the bladder to the shell or the shell to itself).

Good luck!
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Thanks for the response,

It was indeed made by Classic Accessories.
The cloth is torn ACROSS the top rather than lengthwise along a seam (I wish that were the case).
In fact...the tear is so straight that one would think it were cut...but the bladder is perfect.

I hadn't used this since last Feb. and I let some air out of the bladders like I always do. I'm leaning towards a cat or raccoon climbing on it but will never know for sure.
I agree with not putting a lot of $$ into a repair or replacement.
I never leave it sitting in the sun but the salt water may have aided in the failure (even though I always washed it with soap and water).

In any event....I will probably start looking for a steal-of-a-deal on another one while looking to get this one repaired.
I know a guy who purchased replacement bladders for that boat. Maybe other parts are also available from them?
I did talk with classic accessories about replacements.
$210 for a set. That is for the bladders AND the casings.
Not really a bad price but...
1. My current bladders are in great shape.
2. I only paid $200 for the entire thing to begin with.

I'm going to try some patches first....while looking for a decent used one on here or CL.
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