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I have to agree with Surf Candy - and I would add this, the rule in our home is, "If Mommy is happy everyone is happy!"

I have a beautiful and absolutely wonderful wife, and I strive to be a good husband and show my appreciation to her. I have long since given up on the idea of getting her to like fishing.

(A little side anecdote - I hiked deep into a secluded river with her one warm and sunny spring day several years ago. I found a nice spot for her to set up a chair so that she could enjoy the scenery and the river. She took a few casts, was soon bored and settled down in her chair with a book. In the meantime, I spotted several bright Spring Chinook at the head of a pool."and yes this was a legal river to flyfish for them"

The water was crystal clear and a little low. I stealthily snuck into position, made a few casts and was soon fast to a 20# springer. So here I was, in an epic battle with a huge king, miles from the nearest road, in an absolutely spectacular setting.

I was eager to get a picture and yelled at my wife to come over quickly as the Springer was too much for my 7 wt and I was in fear of losing it. She replied back, "I'll be there in a few minutes honey, I am a few pages from finishing this chapter."

I had an epiphany right there that my soulmate was never going to be in to flyfishing!)

Anyway, if you are in Bellevue, my hot tip is to check out the Brighton Store in Bell. Square. They have wonderful jewelry, the prices are very reasonable, and you may impress the heck out of her by giving a gift that is right on top of one of the hottest trends for women right now!

Best wishes!

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