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Howdy Folks,
Can anyone recommend the best way to access the stretch of the Yakima above Ringer where the river splits into multiple channels and braids? I imagine that would be one of the more wading-friendly sections of the Yak, true?

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You will want to stop by Victor's Ranch if he is still taking $$ to acces his property. I honestly don't know if they still own the ranch. They are really nice folks and their property will be all to yourself. Just take Ringer and look for the signs. I think this is what you are talking about. His watefront has tons of little islands, channels, braids and currents to fish from. Very easy wading.
Just pay or at least ask if it is okay to walk the property to access the river.

Also, it doesn't seem feesible. Check it out though.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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