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After helping to teach “Fly Casting” for a P.E. class at Cle Elum High School with 4 other Yakima River Fly Fisher club members, I made a quick stop for a sandwich and then made a beeline to Ringer. There was a guy working the riffle I was hoping to get into so I stood around watching him flip nymphs and looking to see if any type of hatch was coming off. He finally got bored and left so I jumped in and managed to hook and land one 8” fish. Using my 2-weight rod, I caught the fish on a size 18 Grey CDC emerger trailing 10” behind a Parachute Adams. The wind was blowing steady at 15 with gusts up over 20, which made casting tough. Started fishing around 1:45 and left at 2:30 p.m.

Off and on sun all day, a couple of sprinkles and lots of WIND. The flows had dropped below 1800 cfs, clarity was running around 3-4 feet and the Caddis were starting to pop. I’m heading to milepost 9. Got there at 3:00, just as a guy caught and landed a nice 14-16” rainbow. He said that was the last fish of the day for him and as he was leaving, wished me luck. The wind was still howling but the fish were starting to look up and Caddis seemed to be the bug of choice.

I worked up the run three times beginning at 3:15 until I left at 6:30. The best fishing was after 5:00 when the wind slightly died down to about 10 mph. From 3:15 til 5:00, I caught 3 fish working hard. The biggest was 14” and the smallest was 10”. I LDR’ed three other fish. From 5 til 6:30, I brought to hand 6 fish, all rainbows all in the 14-17” range. All the fish were very fat from working the buffet line (aka the milepost 9 foam line) of BWO, then March Browns and now Caddis for the last couple of months. They all were very feisty and made a few jumps. The last fish of the day was landed with another fly stuck in the corner of its mouth. It turns out to be one of my Caddis flies, which had been popped off earlier by this fish. He wasn’t quite so cunning the second time around. Got both flies back and sent him on his way, no worse for the wear.

I was once again using my Sage center axis 2-weight rod. The fly of choice was a size 16 Elk Hair Caddis with a dark underbody, which had been tied by Scott Butner (the “King of MP 19). Scott held a little contest last year over on the Westfly Bulletin Board last year where he gave away some of his leftover flies. He felt sorry for me and sent me about 15 flies, mostly Caddis. They worked great! Thanks, Scott.

I'm headed to Baltimore this Tuesday to find a place to live. I hope to start my new job somewhere between the 1st & 15th of June. Looks like the Gunpowder will become my new home waters. I'll miss fishing the Yak (I'll be back on the 20th and fish it at least once more before I leave for the east coast) but I'll still be able to keep up on what's happening in the Northwest by checking in here on WFF. Thanks, Chris for all the great work on the best site around!


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