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I hope she likes whitefish
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Wow, what a day!

Chris and I strung the rods up, threw em on the rack, and headed out for the river at 0630 on Saturday. It then dawned on me that I had forgotten to call Troutragous the night before to solid up the plan for today. I went ahead and decided that any fisherman worth his weight would be awake already pacing waiting for me to call, so I went ahead and called…He answered!
We decided to meet up in the canyon and fish a few holes I….him….just about everybody knows about. We knew we’d be fighting the gear chuckers, but didn’t care since it’s good swinging water. Once we all got to the hole, Troutragous decided to swing the slower water below the run and Chris and I decided to start at the top and work our way down. The weather was absolutely PERFECT! I made it to the bottom of the run and on my last swing felt a good bump…didn’t quite feel like bottom though. I lifted my rod and it was STUCK. I yanked and yanked and finally something popped loose, although it felt like I was towing whatever it was in. I pulled it in and low and behold, I had somehow pulled the rock in….no wait….that’s no rock….that’s a CAMERA! My hook had somehow snagged the strap of a camera that had no doubt been there for a LONG time since it was covered in river bottom debris. Chris yelled out, “That’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever caught, nice going!” And he would be right unless you account for all the time, gear, money, gas, and alcohol dumped into steelhead, only to come up empty handed. Anyway, I moved out of the way and let Chris finish. Once I had plenty of room up top of the run, I decided to start again. Cast, swing, step….cast swing…BOOM! FISH ON!! While I could tell right off the bat it wasn’t a salmon, just by the sheer lack of weight, I couldn’t tell exactly what it was. Was it a big pike minnow…maybe a sucker?? Then it flashed, ohhh, that looks suspiciously like a trout, but it’s big! My mind started to race, thinking to myself, “holy shit, I just hooked a steelhead, I knew there were more in here than salmon, but what are the odds, wow, am I excited, Craig’s gonna SHIT, I hope I don’t break it off, easy now, wow this thing is putting a bend in this spey rod, I need a beer, and to take a piss now, wow, this is awesome!” I pulled the fish out of the current and fight it up to me. Unfortunately it wasn’t a steelhead, but it was easily one of the biggest resident trout I’ve ever caught out of the Yakima. While I didn’t actually measure it, I’d say it was over 16 inches and FAT!! Chris waded over to me to get a picture of it and then we realize we didn’t bring the camera, since cameras and nets fall into the same category…bad juju; bring em and you won’t catch a fish! So I started fighting to get my iphone out while still holding the fish in the water, it gave one big flip of its tail and threw the hook and was gone. I did get to admire it for a while longer though as it hung out in the slack water. I could have stopped right there for the rest of the day and been happy…my first fish on the spey rod and my first fish on the swing…and it was NO SLOUCH!
We fished a while longer, but didn’t touch anymore fish…well, we didn’t, Troutragous pulled in a huge sucker. I still don’t know how that thing picked up that big fly on the swing in the mouth…weird. Anyway, we moved to a new spot.
This new spot and I didn’t get along. While I think it was really fishy water, it for some reason didn’t like me. I was making my way down to the water off the big boulders and slipped. I fell…err…bounced about 10 feet down the boulder field stopping just short of the water. Luckily for me, I saved my rods and my head, although the rest of my body wasn’t so lucky. I took a boulder to the right hip and another one to the left upper arm. I still don’t know how I didn’t break any bones, looking at it again, God was definitely watching out for me, there was just NO WAY I should have walked away from that fall, even Chris thought I was done for. Just goes to show you, when it’s your time, it’s your time, but when it’s not, He’ll look out for you. I’m still sore sitting here writing this 2 days later, but I’m alive.
We could see fish rolling all through this section of water and while it looked good for trout, probably not so good for salmon so we decided to move on. Troutrageous showed us one more spot and then decided he needed to get going since he had a long drive home ahead of him, so we said our goodbyes and parted ways. Chris and I stopped in town and got some pain pills and lunch and tried one more spot just outside of Selah, but to no avail. Plus the wind was coming up and the rain rolled in. It was a good time to stop. Over all, even after the fall, I’d still rate this day as a 10 out of 10. Now I know what people are talking about when they say the take is addicting, I’m hooked.

Wow, what a day!

Now for the report:
No nooks hooked or even seen. Did talk to one guy that had one in the boat, but this was much lower on the river. Talked to another guy that said a few were taken out by the confluence of the Yak and Naches, but that's boat water too. I still think it's too early, but was well worth the trip for me.
I swung a big black and blue bullet head bunny leach like concoction, while Chris swung a purple hobo spey
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